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Profile PictureI’m Heather, a natural health and fitness enthusiast, mother of 4, and I help people take their wellness to superior levels! Improving lives daily one drop at a time through wellness, purpose and abundance! I found out a secret that surprised me when I was introduced to Young Living’s 100 % Pure Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils .  These tiny drops of oil helped my immune system work at it’s best, my emotions to be uplifted and my energy to be vibrant! Who knew something so tiny could be a major key to achieving the wellness lifestyle I had been searching for.  As a family we began to use these oils to help support all our bodies systems and maintain our wellness. Besides the increased wellness, we have also enjoyed the savings we have gained from participating in the Essential Rewards Program! We simply switched where we were buying our wellness care, personal care and cleaning products to the non-toxic, health promoting products from Young Living and now receive awesome rebates and loads of free product!

I have worked on and off many years in the corporate world. We, my husband and I, have gone through numerous lay-offs and have come to realize that we will never get out of debt and stop the paycheck to paycheck struggle of living if we continue to depend on Corporate America for our financial future! Network marketing success is dependent on my efforts and consistency and is really the only path we could take that allows me to work from home so I can be there for my kids, have time freedom and flexibility, and be 100% financially free. I want everyone to have the chance to be set free from the struggle of paycheck to paycheck living, to be able to dream again and grow into the life they deserve! I am passionate about sharing this information with everyone, equipping them with the education and tools to achieve wellness and financial abundance! I have helped many people find safe, effective natural solutions for a toxin-free wellness lifestyle. My goal is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through the use of natural remedies, proper nutrition and effective exerciseConnect with me now to explore how I can help you find natural solutions for your health goals!

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