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Thanksgiving Recipes Using Essential Oils

Thanksgiving Oily Recipe book Enjoy cooking with your essential oils this Thanksgiving! Here is a list of the recipes included in this book: Cranberry Sauce Lemon Butter Green Beans Sweet Potato Casserole Southern Cornbread Dressing Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes Turkey Injection Sauce Ultimate Gravy Orange Glazed Ham Pumpkin Pie Stay in the know with the […]

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A Tasty Way to Get Anti-oxidants

WHAT is the NingXia Red Challenge?? Thirty Days of flooding our bodies with the super-nutritive, delicious whole-body infusion prepared with the legendary anti-oxidant wolfberries of the NingXia Province. Each week, we will learn the benefits of a different Young Living wolfberry product and give away prizes. Each day we will share detailed facts regarding the […]

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Breast Implant Illness and My Health Journey

I am normally a very private person but I felt it important to open up and share this issue as I know it is affecting many people around the world. I grew up in a home where beauty and perfection were a main focus. As I entered my teen years I noticed all the women […]

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Creamy Cacao Hot Drink

Chocolate cravings fulfilled! When you are in the mood for chocolate here is a recipe for a delicious creamy hot chocolate drink. This healthy snack uses raw cacao (an excellent source of anti-oxidants), coconut milk and brain octane oil which help to nourish our brains and our cells, leaving us full for longer. Utilizing these […]

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Support Adrenal Health Naturally

Happy Adrenals Stress can cause our adrenals to run on overload, which can cause the adrenals to become sluggish and tired. To help support happy healthy adrenals I have put together a fabulous blend. Try this recipe out and see if your stressful times are dealt with ease. Here is a good checklist and article […]

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