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Essential Nutrition

Smart decisions today help protect you for a lifetime

Hectic lives demand quality nutrition… but leave less time for it!

Hectic lives demand quality nutrition… but leave less time for it!


Busy schedules and increasing personal demands make eating a well-balanced diet seem impossible, but our good health depends on it!

Poor nutrition can lead to a variety of health concerns like fatigue, a compromised immune system, poor digestion, and increased risk factors for chronic illnesses of all kinds. Young Living helps you avoid these issues by incorporating better eating habits into your busy schedule.

So much goodness goes into our supplements…

Nutrition products are simply not all created equal. Young Living is dedicated to developing the highest quality, most rigorously tested and scientifically supported products and supplements on the market today.

Did You Know?Mindwise

 The color of your supplement’s jar matters. The material of the cap matters. The source of the vitamins and minerals matters. The synergy of the ingredients matters. A massive amount of research goes into the formulation of EVERY Young Living product. That’s why so many people who switch brands are amazed by the results!

Young Living is Trusted by…

  • Doctors and dieticians in 30+ countries
  • Professional and Olympic athletes
  • Millions of families

…the benefits are limitless!

Young Living’s nutritional products can help you with a variety of wellness, fitness, and nutritional goals and needs during every season of life:

  • Weight management
  • Sleep and energy
  • Age-related illnesses
  • Skin vitality
  • Immune system support
  • Digestive health
  • Physical performance
  • Joint health and mobility
  • Emotional well-being
  • Overall health & vitality

Wellness at every season


Ready for Wellness?

Whether you want to achieve specific fitness goals, eliminate pain, manage physical or mental health issues, add quality years to your life, etc. you’re in the right place to find effective solutions.

Ningxia Red

Energize, fortify and support all 9 systems of the human body.

NingxiaNo other product on the market comes close to the nutrient dense profile and protection capabilities of NingXiaRed® – infused with 100% pure essential oils.

China NingxiaAn anti-aging miracle!

Your secret weapon to creating better health, nutrition, energy, and emotional wellness.

The Ningxia Wolfberry™, known for thousands of years as a Chinese National Treasure, is renowned for its superior nutrition and antioxidant capabilities.

The Wolfberry’s ability to neutralize the destructive compounds in your body called free radicals, most notably Superoxide – the most dangerous and abundant free radical – is virtually unparalleled in all of nature.

Given the wide evidence that free radical damage contributes to a host of age-related illnesses including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, alzheimers, and degeneration of the eyes, skin, and brain, NingXia Red® is a simple, powerful way to promote good health and dramatically change the way you feel!

“The WOW of Wolfberry ”A nutritional powerhouse


NingXia Wolfberry is loaded with vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B6, and E, 21 essential minerals, 6 essential fatty acids, and more than 100% of the RDA for 18 amino acids, 17 trace minerals, and 4 major minerals! With 16% protein by volume, Ningxia Red is the supplement of choice for increasing energy, performance and metabolic benefits!

Essential oils for enhanced benefits


Young Living produces the purest most effective therapeutic-grade essential oils in the world. Orange, yuzu, lemon, and tangerine essential oils were added for their health and flavor profiles, bio-activity, cellular support and 93% d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant supported by numerous studies to prevent cancer.

D-limonene Clinical Study

Limonene on WebMD



Proprietary blend of supporting superfruits


NingXia Red also includes a synergistic blend of pomegranate, red cherry, blueberry, plum and aronia juices renowned for health, energy, and longevity benefits. We use only fresh organic fruit (no reconstituted powders!) and verify every batch to quality and potency standards no other product can touch!

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Explore wellness, purpose, and abundance with Young Living!