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Slique New You Essentials

Natural Weight Management Solutions


Looking for a healthy way to achieve your weight management goals? Slique offers a natural, safe and effective solution to curbing your appetite, increasing your metabolism and helping to shed the excess weight with the power of essential oils!

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The Slique Success System

Slique oil

Slique Essence Oil

Naturally suppresses appetite and cravings, aids in digestion, stress and metabolism



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Slique Tea

Combats sugar cravings and signals the brain into feeling full and satisfied

slique slim caps pngSlique Slim Caps

Cutting-edge dietary supplement that promotes satiety and boosts metabolism.

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Balance Complete

Great tasting, energizing, nutrient-rich high fiber, low calorie meal replacement.


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Slique Gum

A secret weapon to help control hunger and cravings that also promotes oral health!

Slique™ Essence Blend contains a variety of Young Living’s therapeutic grade, Kosher-certified citrus oils:

Grapefruit oil

  • A natural diuretic (supports kidney function)
  • Beneficial for helping to dissolve cellulite
  • Helps to detoxify lymphatic system

Tangerine oil

  • Helps digest fat
  • Supports “melting” of cellulite
  • Counteracts water retention
  • Helps calm nervous system
  • Helps curb cravings

Lemon oil

  • Oxygenates cells for optimal weight management
  • Beneficial for helping to dissolve cellulite
  • Natural detoxifier for digestive trouble

Spearmint oil

  • Supports Glandular System
  • Promotes healthy weight maintenance
  • Helps stimulate Thyroid function (governor for the body’s metabolism)
  • Encourages better digestion for greater food absorption

Ocotea oil

  • Promotes pancreatic function to balance blood sugar levels
  • Encourages weight loss by helping to balance the pituitary and endocrine systems

Stevia Leaf Extract

  • A dietary supplement that effectively regulates blood sugar
  • Wonderful aid in weight loss because it contains no calories and increases glucose tolerance, while inhibiting glucose absorption
  • Regular ingestion decreases sugar cravings and the desire for fatty foods

Your body thrives when it gets the nutrition it needs!

  • Cutting edge weight loss sciencescale png
  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Safe, natural effective ingredients
  • Vegetarian package available
  • Combats emotional eating and stress
  • Enhances energy naturally
  • Fills nutritional gaps that cause cravings
  • Helps trigger feelings of fullness


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Slique kit (2) 

An exquisite collection of nature’s finest whole foods and therapeutic essential oils
to optimize a balanced, beautiful body weight with vitality. A great addition to a healthful lifestyle.


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