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Therapeutic-Grade vs non-therapeutic oils

Many essential oils are designed exclusively for their aroma-therapy and are NOT therapeutic-grade and these essential oils generally should not be applied directly to the skin in their undiluted or “neat” form. Some can cause severe irritation, provoke an allergic reaction and, over time, prove toxic. Non-therapeutic grade essential oils are never recommended for topical or internal use. Therapeutic-grade oils however are pure and offer greater health benefits and the option to use internally, topically, and aromatically. Refer to the bottle labels for instructions on use.

Know the Difference

Here are 12 questions to ask whenever you’re considering purchasing from an essential oils company (Click here). And a great comparison chart below:

7 EO companies compared

ONLY Young Living recommended…

I am passionate about natural health, superior nutrition and a toxin free lifestyle and love to educate others about these quality lifestyle improvements. I have been on a quest to rid and replace everyday items we use with safe, natural and effective products. I like to know that I am supplying my family with Non-GMO and toxin free products for every area of our life from cleaning to personal care to nutrition. Young Living’s passion is to provide this lifestyle for everyone and runs their company with the upmost integrity and assurance of quality. Owning their own farms and overseeing the whole process sets them apart from all others. This ensures us the purest quality essential oils and I find comfort in knowing these oils have the “Seed to Seal” commitment to quality unlike any others. At the heart of the company is a desire to serve and provide wellness, purpose and abundance for every person!

How to order your Essential Oils?

You can purchase these essential oils in one of two ways: Either choose the Wholesale member option or the Retail customer option via the Young Living website. Why member? Member simply means you are becoming a part of the club to partake in the benefits. Think of Costco or Sam’s where you become a member to be able to shop there. With Young Living you are simply choosing what type of member you would like to shop as.

Why Not to Buy at Retail…

When you enroll through me, you will get personal support, instructions on using your oils and be able to participate in a private Facebook community of fellow “oilers” where you can learn and have your questions answered! You will save money by getting amazing discounts (24% off), be eligible to participate in the Essential Rewards points program for free product and have an opportunity to make money should you decide to share how to order Young Living with others (giving them your member # to order under). All you will get when you buy retail is the oil itself and you pay 24% more than wholesalers for your essential oils.


How do I get started?

Simply follow the steps below to join Young Living Oils and enjoy these amazing benefits.

Become a Young Living Member – A step-by-step Guide

1. Log-on now to: Young Living
2. Select Member or Retail
3. Select I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number.
4. Enter Sponsor# 1400236 and Enroller# 1234532 (This should already be entered for you)
5. Enter shipping information
6. Choose your starter kit
7. Set up your Essential Rewards (optional)
8. Add more products to your order if you would like. Click confirm and continue
9. Enter mailing address information and create a username and password for future login and order placement
10.If you are simply wanting to order Young Living product for yourself at wholesale: select “Individual No Social Security Required.” If you are wanting to do Young Living as a business and earn an income you will need to select “Individual with Social Security Number” this is for tax purposes.
11. Click on the box that says “I have read and agree to the terms of the Young Living Essential Oils Member Agreement.”

What are the Starter Kits?

One of the Premium Starter Kits are the best value, hands down. When you order your own premium starter kit, you are entitled to wholesale pricing on all Young Living products, this is a 24% discount. To see descriptions of all starter kit choices click here.



 ‘Premium Everyday Oil Starter Kit’ is an amazing value and the most popular choice! It comes with:

  • 11 5ml bottles of essential oils
  • Choice of a diffuser (retail value alone on this one is $98+)
  • Welcome to Young Living booklet
  • Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide
  • Member Resource Guide
  • E.E.D. Sharing for Success booklet
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
  • 2 sample sachets each of: Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming®, Lemon, and Thieves®
  • 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples(this is a great supplement for energy, antioxidants and super nutrition)
  • Product Guide

BONUS! When you order a premium starter kit and in the same month have 3 of your friends do the same, using your member number you will receive your kit $ back from Young Living the following month. This is the 3 and FREE incentive!


Buying one of the ER kits is an extra beneficial option, which allows you to start earning points to redeem for free product right away. This program is the most economical way to purchase your oils and other products. It is a great way to purchase items you already use on a monthly basis (such as toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, cleaning products, etc.) and save money and your health while doing this! Redeeming your points earned from ordering through this program is so EXCITING!! Very flexible!  You can change your desired products from month-to-month through your Virtual Office. If you forget to change your product before your next month processing date you will receive the same items as your previous month though so, be sure to set a reminder to change your items every month. You only need spend $50 a month to participate in the program (Super easy to do when you see all the healthy replacement products Young Living offers: Cleaning Products, Hair and Body Products, Skin Care Products, Nutrition and Supplements, and more!) The longer you remain in the program the more points you will receive to help pay for your products. Select your shipping date. (Be sure to set a reminder in your calendar to go in and select the new items each month a few days before your order is scheduled to ship so you don’t accidentally order the same thing twice.) This program is truly set up as a benefit to you and can be started or stopped easily at any time. See the Essential Perks page for more detail.

BONUS STEP–FREE PRODUCT with PURCHASE!  If you would like to earn FREE bonus oils and products this month, simply have your order total 190 PV or more and you will receive whatever promotion Young Living is offering this month! This is a great way to experience new items that you may find are just the answer you are needing! An example of how you could do this now is to start with the Premium Everyday Oils kit and automatically have 100 PV, then you’ll only need 90 more PV to receive the FREE products of the month.  You could add a bottle of Peace and Calming 32.75 PV, 15 ml bottle of RC 21.75 PV, 15 ml bottle of Raven 34.75 PV, and the 14.4 ounces of Thieves Household Cleaner at 22 points. With all these items you will now qualify you to get the FREE product!

Congratulations and Welcome to the Wonderful World of Oils!

Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your ordering site right away to manage orders, check your team, send messages and more.

Click Here to Order Now!

Here are just a few of the ways that I use some of the oils in the starter kit.

Lavender essential oil – Support healthy skin, support healthy respiratory systems

Peppermint essential oil – Support muscles after exercise, supports healthy digestive system and respiratory system, uplift mood and energy

Thieves essential oil blend – Support a healthy immune system, DIY cleaning products, great to diffuse as well

Frankincense essential oil – Supports youthful skin, improve mental focus and uplift moods

Lemon essential oil – DIY cleaners, Supports lymph system, add a few drops to water to help cleanse, take crayon or sticky stuff off surfaces, supports cellulite reduction

Purification essential oil blend – Diffuse to purify, supports healthy clear skin, outdoor skin spray, purify cuts

Melaleuca essential oil– Supports healthy clear skin, great to add to hair

PanAway essential oil blend – Supports healthy relaxed muscles, survive monthly cycles 

Citrus Fresh – Diffuse for uplifting moods, drink to support healthy weight management

Transition to a chemical-free lifestyle today! Click on the wellness makeover now to receive your  FREE Wellness Makeover info sheet!

More Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should I become a Wholesale Member?

Becoming a wholesale member will not only give you wholesale pricing which is 24% less than retail price but you’ll also be eligible to receive referral thank you checks for sharing the oils with your friends and family. Plus you will be able to participate in the Essential Rewards program, where every time you order a percentage is set aside for you to redeem for FREE products!

Is there a required minimum monthly order? 

No, you do NOT have to order monthly in order to receive the benefits of being a wholesale member.

Do I have to Sell Young Living Products to be a Wholesale Member? 

Of course not.  You can simply order whenever you and your family need it and enjoy the savings wholesale provides.  There is no requirement to have a business. Most people however find that they can’t help but share their experiences with their friends who in return desire to get started on their own oils. A wholesale member can help their friends order by providing them with their member number as the referring member when their friend places their first order.

I want to work Young Living as a Home Business, how do I get started doing that?

First purchase the Starter Kit of your choice. Then contact me here and gain access to our business training and class materials. Next start educating others using these materials. You will be added to our oily community and have support and encouragement along the way!

Does Young Living offer more than essential oils?

YES, Young Living has an entire line of personal care products, supplements, meal replacements, energy drinks, and more! Almost every product incorporates essential oils and makes a great healthy replacement for other products being used daily!


If you have any questions, please contact me.




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