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Hear what a few others have to say:

More Experiences Shared:

“I was coming down with the flu and we were using DoTerra’s On Guard for 4 days and kept feeling sicker and sicker. We had ordered Thieves and by our 4th day of feeling miserable our Thieves oil arrived and we used the Thieves both in our diffuser and drinking it. By the next morning we felt 100% better! We love our Young Living Essential Oils.” Rebecca and Jeremy B.

“I use Peppermint for headaches. I rub one drop on the back of my neck and a drop on my temples. I feel relief in minutes!!” Thomasin P.


“My go to for headaches, stomach aches, and allergies. This is one of my favorites to diffuse as well – Lemon and Peppermint give me a good boost of focus and clarity in the mornings.” Willy B.


“My indigestion and GERD are much improved since using Peppermint topically with coconut oil. Applying it from my neck down to my stomach as needed. So thankful to have this oil!”  Pam M.


“I had a lump on my side that felt like a fatty tumor, like I have had before. I took a capsule full of Cypress oil and another full of Frankincense two times a day. After 3 weeks I started to notice a significant difference in the size. With continued use over a few months it was gone!” Chris G.


“I love using Myrrh and Sacred Frankincense on my skin! It has helped reduce fine lines as well as help my pre-cancerous bumps. After rubbing the oils on my bumps they scab over and flake off revealing new skin. I love my oils!” Carolyn T.


“Just this last week, I burned my finger badly on a hot glue gun. After 5 minutes of the pain not subsiding, I put lavender directly on the burn. Within 2 minutes, the pain was gone. I reapplied three times the rest of that day and the next morning, there was hardly a mark left on my finger!” W. Burden


“My husband suffers from a spot of eczema right near his eye. He’s tried countless lotions, creams, ointments, and nothing seems to work for the long term. I made a solution of aloe gel, lavender and a splash of vitamin E and within 2 days, the dry skin and redness was gone. My mixture was much less expensive than any of the other solutions he’d tried as well.” P. McGregor


“We add a drop of Frankincense to our Thieves toothpaste to help whiten our teeth. Also, I like to drink 2 drops in my Ningxia Red juice daily as this has helped me overcome feelings of sadness and feel more emotionally stable.” Heather


“I met a lady at a local dirt bike event.  As we were standing there watching and talking, her little boy came screaming up to us, arm swollen, bee stinger still stuck in his skin. I said “I have an oil for that” and ran to my car with her following. I put three drops of purification right onto the stinger and he immediately stopped crying. We were amazed when he proclaimed “all better”. The blend of oils in purification pull the poison out to stop the pain and itching of bee stings, and spider and insect bites, as well as cleansing the wound.” T. Pinto


“This was one of my first favorites. I use this almost daily in the evenings to get my kids to wind down after a busy day.  Recently, I started putting this with Valor on the bottom of my son’s feet.  He had been waking up once or twice at night and once I started this routine, he slept through the night again.” Pam


“I rub a drop on my son’s jaw at night and it helps him not to grind his teeth.” Willy